About me.


Director, cinematographer & colorist specialized in digital media productions.

Extensive experience in advertising, music videos, tv & music shows and audiovisual installations for museums.

Recent work highlights:

  • Director, cinematographer & colorist ‘Pepe Jeans & Red Bull – The Extreme Catwalk’ viral campaign.
  • Director, cinematographer & colorist ‘General Óptica’ 2015 TV campaign.
  • Director, cinematographer & colorist ‘MOTO GP’ 2015 campaign for Sky Channel Italy.
  • Director, cinematographer, colorist and audiovisual executive producer of Enrique Bunbury’s DVD / Blu-ray Palosanto tour 2014.
  • Director, cinematographer & colorist ‘Sky Channel HD’ Tv campaign for  Italy.
  • Director and cinematographer ‘FERRERO ROCHER’ viral campaign.
  • Director, cinematographer & colorist  ‘GROUPALIA’ TV campaign.
  • Director ‘NESTLÉ GOLD’ viral campaign.
  • Director, cinematographer and set design of ‘REVLON STYLE MASTERS’ international campaign.
  • Director, cinematographer & colorist  ‘HYPOHEALS’ campaign.
  • Director, cinematographer, colorist and audiovisual executive producer of the documentary ‘Argan’.
  • Director ‘Sóc fan de Catalunya’ campaign of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Director ‘Sempre nous reptes’ campaign of 100 mini-spots of CatalunyaCaixa.
  • Photographer’s latest album Revolver, Argan. CD cover and booklet.
  • Director, producer and cinematographer Revolver music video ‘Quiero aire’.
  • Director, producer and cinematographer of Torres ‘e-learning’: 15 introductory videos to the world of wine to the website of Club Torres.
  • Founder RedFilms production house, currently specializing in online advertising digital production.


November 2010-July 2011. CatalunyaCaixa. Micro CX (1 st and 2 nd edition) Transversal Produccions Culturals.
March 2011-October 2011. Club Torres. ‘The Workshop’ Audiovisual e-learning website.
July 2011. Music video ‘No hay mañanas’, Revolver. Director, producer & cinematography. Redfilms.
January 2011. Music video ‘Quiero aire’, Revolver. Director, producer & cinematography. RedFilms.
February 2011-June 2011. Cercs Mines Museum: Mine Virtual. Museum installation. Transversal Produccions Culturals.
December 2010-March 2011. ‘Argan’. Documentary. Director, producer & cinematography. RedFilms.
July 2010. Ad ‘Soc fan de Catalunya’ Generalitat de Catalunya. Director. Ovideo TV.
June 2010. Corporate video ‘Tercat’. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo TV.
May 2010. Ad Danone Savia ‘Jesús Vazquez’. Director. Ovideo TV.
April 2010. Ad ‘Donuts’. Director. Ovideo TV
March 2010.  Ad Danonino ‘Asturias’. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo Tv
February 2010. Corporate video ‘Avinent’. Director & cinematographer. Transversal Produccions Culturals.
January 2010. Viral Ad San Miguel 0.0 ‘Maratón de pelotas’. Director & cinematographer. Duplex Marketing.
December 2009. TMB L9. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo Tv
December 2009. Ad Danonino ‘Padres’. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo Tv
November 2009. Viral Ad Volkswagen Polo Ad ‘Coco y Lola’. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo TV.
November 2009. ‘Colònies Textils’. Director & cinematographer. Museu d’Historia de Catalunya. Transversal Produccions Culturals.
October 2009. Viral Ad ‘DGT’. Produccions Singulars per a publicitat.
September 2009. Flash Mob ‘Camper’. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo Tv.
April 2009 – October 2009. GAIA. Director & cinematographer of audiovisual content fot Kutxaespacio Museum, Donosti. Transversal Produccions Culturals.
July 2009. Ad Sport ‘Chaqueta Barça’. Director & cinematographer. RedFilms.
December 2007-August 2009. Generalitat ‘012’. Director & cinematographer. Lavinia Tv.
March 2009. Ad Sport, ‘Billetera Barça’. Director & cinematographer. RedFilms.
February 2009. Ad Bimbo ‘Doowap’. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo Tv.
December 2008. Ad Sport, Dr. Blitz. Director & cinematographer. RedFilms.
December 2008. Ad Aeroport de Barcelona. Terminal 1, Ovideo TV. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo Tv.
November 2008. Ad Gemma, Ovideo TV. Director & cinematographer. Ovideo Tv.